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How to Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise

How To Lose Weight Fast And Get Lean Without Exercise

How to lose weight quick without exerciseWhile a combination of exercise and diet is the best way to lose weight and keep it off for the long term, it is possible to lose weight fast without exercise.

It is often said to take weight loss slow, to look to lose about one to two pounds of fat per week.

This may be true over a long period of time but if you are severely overweight and need to lose forty, fifty. or more pounds, losing only one to two pounds per week could cause you to get frustrated, lose your motivation and quit.

And if you are looking to go to a wedding, reunion or some other important gathering in a week or two and want to drop a quick ten pounds, the slow route of weight loss isn’t going to work for you either.

But don’t worry, you can lose a decent amount of weight in a short period of time, even if you don’t have time to exercise.

Keep in mind though that you should check with your doctor first to make sure it is okay for you to try and lose weight faster than normal.

However, it will not be easy. When trying to lose weight fast without exercise, you need to be very strict about your food intake.

For starters you are going to use intermittent fasting. This means you will only eat between 12 PM (Noon) and 8 PM. No food between 8 PM and noon the following day! It sounds tough, but once you go through it for a few days, you’ll be surprised at how easy it can be.

Second, for the first 7 days of intermittent fasting, you will also be going low carb as well. This does not mean eating lots of high fat junk food.

It does mean eliminating all sugars and processed carbohydrates. No breads, pastas, bagels, etc. Stick to things like vegetables, eggs, and all kinds of meats like read meat, turkey, chicken, tuna, pork, seafood, etc.

Do NOT start eating junk that is loaded with unhealthy chemicals, fillers, additives and hidden carbs. Stick to whole foods.

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Welcome to my vacation weight loss blog

This is my personal blog and a place for me to share my experience with an emergency situation I had before my
holiday last year. I needed to learn how to lose weight for my vacation quick to fit in my dress and swimsuit
and I had a very tight schedule (3 weeks to my trip down south) and I needed to lose weight as soon as I could
to be at the perfect shape for my special time off work with my family and friends.

If you’re here to learn how to lose weight fast without exercise, or with some exercise, or just to find some
rapid weight loss tips and tricks to look better for your work and play, you’re in the right place.

Even with my tight schedule, I tried multiple methods to lose weight and only one of them worked and that’s
something I’m going to talk about in this blog. Besides how I lost weight for my vacation, I’m going to share
many other things on this special blog, from cellulite reduction, increasing your metabolism (energy),
increasing muscle tone, improved cholesterol levels and much more.

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Fast Way to Lose Weight in 3 Weeks

How to lose belly fat naturallyMany people that want to lose weight, want to do it quickly. However, that isn’t always the easiest thing to do. If you want to lose weight and see results in just 3 weeks there many ways you can do so. Here you will learn some of the best tips to help you lose weight in as little as 3 weeks.

Change your diet. Find a diet that you want to follow and that has food that you like. It will be easier to stick to your diet and you won’t be as prone to cheating while you are on it. Look into quick weight loss diets such as low carb, Atkins and South Beach diet plans.

All of these diets lower carbohydrate intake and many people have success with quick weight loss when they follow them. These diets are strict and you must adhere to them in order to see the results.

There are also other diets, including weight loss fast diets. Recently many people have had success using the egg fast diet. This diet consists of mainly eating eggs and cheese and is a great way to jump start your weight loss. There are different recipes you can make using these ingredients so take a look at one of the diet plans and see if it will work for you.

Drink plenty of water. No matter what kind of diet you choose, it is important to drink water so you will see results even faster. Water helps flush your body of toxins that can make losing fat harder. Try to drink the recommended 8 glasses of water a day to keep the toxins flushed out of your body and you will notice a change in your weight too.

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How to Lose Weight For Vacation Quick (How I did it)

Your vacation is in 3 weeks and you need to get fit for your special day. You go through so much stress and don’t have time or energy to work out, so what do you do ?

This is where I share my story of how to lose weight for your vacation quick. I lost 12 pounds in just a few weeks with this simple trick. You can do it too.

You want to show your man that he’s lucky to have you and you want to make sure he’s proud to be with you.

Losing a couple of pounds or much more like me in under a month is possible, if you follow my instructions correctly.

Your time off work is the most important time of the year, and if you want to get slimmer in 3 weeks like me, this is where you’ll learn a simple but crazy secret that helped me to make this transformation.


The natural and extreme way to reduce weight for your vacation…

I’m completely against those diet pills. I’m not going to put something weird and unnatural in my body to burn fat, especially when there would likely be side effects like headaches, sick stomach, or diarrhea.

Yuck !  No thanks.

What I wanted was a healthy and advanced diet plan, combine it with some exercise and see what that can do.  And I wanted to avoid other ideas …


Hiring a trainer and going to the gym can cost too much and will take too long for you to see results

I had a long awaited vacation down south to go to with my family and some friends, and although I had some money to spend, I didn’t want to end up with empty pockets after my holiday.  Besides that, I wanted to shed the pounds in a healthy and responsible way.  Nothing sugary, nothing fried, nothing processed, really a crash diet plan without the crash part.  That is what I needed.

The Secret To Losing Weight Fast


So how was I able to lose 12 pounds in a few weeks ?

First of all, based on what I learned after reading about this amazing discovery, it gave me my new body for my rest and relaxation time easily. How ?  Some of the details include to stop eating foods with high amounts of carbs. Some of these foods are: bread, cookies, potato, cheese and macaroni. But, there is much more to it than that.

I’m not here to endorse any crazy thing with cool headlines, but if you’re looking for a natural weight loss plan to jump-start your weight loss efforts, Brian Flatt’s 3 Week Diet program is a good place to start (see below).


Here’s how to lose weight for your vacation quick

First of all, I suggest you to get this metabolism boosting revelation instead of buying some pills that you don’t know where they were made and what’s inside them and instead of waiting and doing nothing.

A diet plan that actually gets results fast – wow what a concept !  Let’s look more into this …


Here’s some results from other people who tried this program:





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